When Husband and I got married, we had a photo sent to the local Irish newspaper for expats. We thought it would be a nice little corner shot – above the fold, a filler piece. It ended up being a yuuuge photo and a nice surprise. I’ve got a copy of the newspaper floating around here somewhere.

Anyhoo, I wrote an article I Proposed On The First Date and it was picked up by PopSugar for Valentine’s Day, which was awesome. Then a newspaper contacted me for an interview, which I did, cue publicists sighing over newbies,  and now I’m just waiting for someone to contact me about the next big reality tv – straight to DVD movie version of our lives.

If Tom Hardy’s agent sees this – Husband is on board and available for character nuance rehearsal and tips for an aussie accent. He loves the bearded look, too.

But who would play me? Husband (begged for) suggested Penelope Cruz. I’m just not that foxy; we compromised on Rachel McAdams. I love her and I think she’s got a certain amount of sass which would be great. Of course, big name celebs may not be available for straight to DVD movies, these days. Coronation Street? Eastenders? Neighbours? Home And Away? We should probably be finding our doppelgangers from the next level of up-and-coming actors. In the mean time, I’ll be polishing my own acting chops for “I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here”.


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