Sponsors Needed

Walking past the bridal and prom shop to run an errand at work today, and any day I walk that way, really, I pick and choose from the window: yes no yes, no no yes, yes no fucking way. 

I did see a wedding dress in the window last year that I loved. I wonder if the shop would be interested in sponsoring wedding # 4?

Or even, how about, a day of wedding dress modeling starring yours truly, with Husband and boys sporting matching garb? Wecould leave the boys wearing the same outfit all day, of course, and probably give them a screen so they complain about fashion less, and limit Husband’s wardrobe changes to 2, or maybe 3, but crank mine as high as you like. I’ll wear every damn dress in the place, for a day, an hour, whatevs. I can go full Muriel Heslop and have an entire album of me in wedding dresses.
Let’s have our people get in touch, printo!


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