Sew, What The Hell Have I Been Doing?

​Before I landed a job last year, I volunteered to do three class projects at school. Or maybe it was after I got the job and I’m really that crazy, I can’t remember. Anyhoo, Ive put together a lego table, am in the process of making an Oregon-themed Monopoly table and I’m sewing another quilt for the kindergarten class. I did that when middle child was in K, and I put my hand up for it since 6yo resides there, now, and there were no other sewererers amongst the class parents.

I had the kids’ drawings screenprinted onto fabric and have sewn them onto the other pieces that I puzzled together. Yesterday I went and found some adorable fabric for the backing and also some brown to complete the design. I really need to complete the design because we have friends coming to stay next weekend and they’ll probably need the spare bed I’ve laid it all out on.

Anyhoo, it’s nearly finished and I’m relieved about that because, you know, I’ve got other things on my mind and there are other things I think about sewing, as well. I’ve decided to go as Moira Rose for Halloween, so I’ll need to make some hella outlandish couture pieces to match the wig and lipstick. 

I’ll probably need to start them pretty soon so they’re finished in time since I don’t have a lot of time. 

But there are other things that I want to sew that are less, say, obtuse fashion, that I might rock on a day to day basis as much as Moira sashays around in her teetering heels and metallic fabrics. 
For instance, I’m midway through making a skirt with fabric that I’m pretty sure was a set of drapes in a previous life. It’s an icy blue and is a bit Mad Men and will be perfect for work. The school function is coming up where the class projects will be auctioned off and I’ve decided on a dress made from a mustard lace tablecloth. Time is of the essence there so I really need to finish that quilt. I’d also love to make a couple of tops for work from linen tablecloths I have, too. I’d love to have sleeves that don’t ride up right into my armpits and apparently that is a pipedream unless I make those sleeves myself.

If you’re sensing a theme, you’re right – I’m a tight ass and don’t often like to buy clothes new. Partly because clothes are so fucking overpriced, but also clothes seem not often to be made with my smaller waist and rounded lady-hips in mind. Fabric is something I could blow cash on but I try to reuse stuff and buying vintage is so damn cool and results in very unique clothes. I’ve made a pencil skirt from a vintage bedspread, pleated skirts from vintage tablecloths, 

I made the red top from our Scottish wedding from a scarf and even my tartan dress from a pile of napkins a friend gave me. There is no end to what can be repurposed.  I even picked up two ruffled pillowcases the other day and wondered about fashioning them into a skirt. Ultimately, no, they wouldn’t have fit around my ass, but it was a fun idea before those lady-hips intruded. 

Do you sew? Do you repurpose? I’m always looking for the next fun project.


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