I Picked A Winner!

So. I mean sew, haha. I’m a picker and I pick up random shit all over the place. I nabbed a mustard lace tablecloth last year and wanted to do something fun with it but couldn’t figure it out. Then the school announced an earth child/hippie etc theme for the fundraising dinner. Perfect.

I googled lace tablecloth dress and pinterest had me covered. Lost In Paris has a tutorial on their website about diy lace tablecloth dresses!

I did the required measurements and found some handy dandy “staytape” which I think is just interfacing. As per the instructions on the website, I laid out the fabric and cut, fingers crossed. 

I used the interfacing tape on the seam because the lace is thin in parts. I’m going to reinforce the seams but needed to check it out, first.

I’ve got an old slip for underneath which still fits and I fucking love this! Going to fold down the neckline a teensy bit so it doesn’t fray, with some of the interfacing tape for seam reinforcement, and pin up the top of the sleeves since they are as long as the dress. Voila! Fucking voila!

Easy sew dress and I just happen to have another piece of lace lying around. I will try and make that one a teensy bit more fitted around the waist.



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