New Year, Who Dis?

Its 2019, but I still remember when I had trouble remembering to write 1988 because I was stuck in 1987. That must have been grade 4, or thereabouts. Today I am in grade turning 40.


Grown up but not mature.

I had a great year, highs and lows, of course. I wrote a list because I couldn’t remember shit all that I had done for the last 8 months of the year and it was a good list, personal achievements and lots of time with family and friends.

We have our new years resolutions figured out – nothing too serious but mostly about being serious about shit that needs to get done, as per usual. So I have spent the last few hours “getting organized” for being organized and that has taken me through to afternoon tea time, so …

The boys have another 1000 miles of cycling on their goals, as well as personal Goodreads challenges. I’m not going to set a bigger reading goal because the house is generally a bit of a mess, so I shouldn’t add more reasons not to do housework to my life, but I am also keeping the 1000 mile goal, which should get me out of the housework 2-3 times per week. Laundry can suck it!

So turning 40 this year means finally growing up, I guess…? I mean more than having kids and paying bills and driving a car with insurance. It probably means playing more of Cards Against Humanity, actually. We did that with friends last night and it was a great way to ring in the new year.


What would CAH say about turning 40? Probably something about shitting in a bucket. Welp, there’s a first time for everything.

Happy new year!


Red Wine & Sweat Pants

It’s hard to stay focused on one thing when amazing other things are right in center field. Take not getting soft and flabby, or softer and flabbier, for instance. 

 My NYE resolution is to make more time for exercise, which means eating right, as well. I eat pretty well, but it’s been easy to eat not well this past year coz every other week, it’s someone’s birthday at work or there’s a faux holiday to celebrate with delicious snacky treats in the break room which I don’t say no to, plus halloween, thanksgiving and christmas which have their own themed snacks to go right along. My willpower got hammered and then just laid down and died. So that’s what I’m trying to reverse this year. I know it’s all about routine but getting into the routine can be the tough part for me. 

To kick the year off the right way, the boys’ NYE resolution is to adventure more and whine less, 

On track with the miles

and their goal is to ride 1000 miles in 2018. Sounds like a lot but we ride quite a bit, so we just need to be consistent. A few longer rides thrown in throughout the year will help, too. Inching the 5 miler up to 8 or 10 will do no one any harm, especially me.

On the flip side of all that sense is my sensibility, wanting to dally and play, read:  eat. 

Specifically, tomorrow I’m hosting Golden Girls Monopoly hour with cheesecake and white wine, it’s nothing but win Win WIN! provided I get my slop-pay ass back into the routine the very next day. 

But then there is afternoon tea two weeks after that, and two weeks after that, and two weeks after that! 
But there is something on the horizon for me to keep it all in perspective and it’s not what you might think [self-loathing], it’s yet another opportunity to seriously hurt myself or even – you guessed it – die [of shame]. River 2 Ridge.


Its not the Warrior Dash, it’s worse! Run a mile, kayak a bunch of miles, ride 40 miles, run 8 miles. Fuck. But I’m in it to come last, not hurt myself and have a good time. Husband and a friend did it last year and while drinking red and watching the kids run around in the rain, it seemed a fun thing to sign up for. Now my friend is having second thoughts but I decided to go ahead, anyway, and sign up for the whole thing. Relay is an option and good for you, but you shouldn’t get to come through to the winner’s circle and share the limelight with people who did the whole thing if you only did it piecemeal, imo. So that’s why I couldn’t do the relay, I wouldn’t respect myself in the morning. 

So while I sit here drinking red and ordering men’s size sweat pants for myself, I dream of tomorrow, And not only the literal tomorrow where I’m consuming good food as well as good times, but the figurative, where I run and paddle and pedal as though my life depends on it. 

Good times.

The New Year Approacheth

The new year starts in a couple of days and Husband brought up resolutions. As in, he wants help to recap and then refocus. I don’t think I made proper resolutions this time last year because I was dragging the other ones with me, but I also feel like it’s time to recap and refocus.


We need to take better care of our resolutions

So there is three years of resolutions for our family starting in 2012, ranging from toilet training to reading to finding fulfillment within; very zen. I’m going to take the initiative for Husband and make his resolution for the new year to be as physically capable as Gerard Butler’s character in Olympus Has Fallen:

This pic merely hints at his assassin’s biceps, and the pants don’t do justice to his murderous thighs; I’m going to stop before I go on. Anyhoo, Husband’s resolution is to get massively everything. Husband is of the opinion that all round fitness and flexibility are required, but he already cycles, so lifting houses is all he really needs to focus on, to be able to murder people with his body parts.


I’m not sure how to narrow my resolutions down. I want to strip down a bit of my ass and I want to keep writing everyday. So I guess that’s habits and focus. Same old, same old.
7yo’s resolution will be to become a better reader; 5yo to hone his penmanship and to continue his work of previous years and try to be gentle, because he really does pound the shit out of whichever of his brothers are there. 8yo’s resolution is to work on his schoolwork. He seems to be going really well in class, but asking for help and expanding his ideas and a few things like that need attention. Also, apparently not reading in class when he’s meant to be doing actual schoolwork or listening to the teacher. However, super proud moment when that came up in the parent/teacher conference!
So another year of intangibles for our family. Cheers to that.

Resolutions be Resolute

I didn’t talk through any new year’s resolutions for our family this year because a) I can’t concentrate when I’m I’m in pajamas and b) I think I was a bit busy and c) I can’t remember. I do recall thinking that 4yo might try not to bash his brothers so much, since they have finally, mostly, caught on to the “don’t bash your brothers” concept themselves. 7.5yo still needs to work on his resolution from last year about public speaking, and 6yo is going pretty well with his resolution from last year about handwriting. Just to be clear, I make the resolutions for all and sundry, they are not self-motivated just yet. As an aside, I also made Husband’s resolutions…
I didn’t make one for myself this year, either, but I do want to be more committed to keeping a food journal, so I know how many calories are in that costco muffin, or that choc-dipped cheesecake on a stick. Cringe.
Obviously, as the Christmas ham is cleared away and the new year’s celebratory bubbles finished with, before the onslaught of kid’s birthday parties (5 this month), I have made a good effort about the whole “don’t eat your way through-…” and am trying to be accountable, and have been thinking about a reversal of the good eating food pyramid, as you do. I didn’t turn it around, but I did come up with the following:
7.5yo eats mostly vegetables
6yo eats mostly carbs
4yo eats mostly meat
I eat mostly fats
Husband must eat humble pie

That’s fairly well rounded, or close enough for now.