Resolutions be Resolute

I didn’t talk through any new year’s resolutions for our family this year because a) I can’t concentrate when I’m I’m in pajamas and b) I think I was a bit busy and c) I can’t remember. I do recall thinking that 4yo might try not to bash his brothers so much, since they have finally, mostly, caught on to the “don’t bash your brothers” concept themselves. 7.5yo still needs to work on his resolution from last year about public speaking, and 6yo is going pretty well with his resolution from last year about handwriting. Just to be clear, I make the resolutions for all and sundry, they are not self-motivated just yet. As an aside, I also made Husband’s resolutions…
I didn’t make one for myself this year, either, but I do want to be more committed to keeping a food journal, so I know how many calories are in that costco muffin, or that choc-dipped cheesecake on a stick. Cringe.
Obviously, as the Christmas ham is cleared away and the new year’s celebratory bubbles finished with, before the onslaught of kid’s birthday parties (5 this month), I have made a good effort about the whole “don’t eat your way through-…” and am trying to be accountable, and have been thinking about a reversal of the good eating food pyramid, as you do. I didn’t turn it around, but I did come up with the following:
7.5yo eats mostly vegetables
6yo eats mostly carbs
4yo eats mostly meat
I eat mostly fats
Husband must eat humble pie

That’s fairly well rounded, or close enough for now.


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