The New Year Approacheth

The new year starts in a couple of days and Husband brought up resolutions. As in, he wants help to recap and then refocus. I don’t think I made proper resolutions this time last year because I was dragging the other ones with me, but I also feel like it’s time to recap and refocus.


We need to take better care of our resolutions

So there is three years of resolutions for our family starting in 2012, ranging from toilet training to reading to finding fulfillment within; very zen. I’m going to take the initiative for Husband and make his resolution for the new year to be as physically capable as Gerard Butler’s character in Olympus Has Fallen:

This pic merely hints at his assassin’s biceps, and the pants don’t do justice to his murderous thighs; I’m going to stop before I go on. Anyhoo, Husband’s resolution is to get massively everything. Husband is of the opinion that all round fitness and flexibility are required, but he already cycles, so lifting houses is all he really needs to focus on, to be able to murder people with his body parts.


I’m not sure how to narrow my resolutions down. I want to strip down a bit of my ass and I want to keep writing everyday. So I guess that’s habits and focus. Same old, same old.
7yo’s resolution will be to become a better reader; 5yo to hone his penmanship and to continue his work of previous years and try to be gentle, because he really does pound the shit out of whichever of his brothers are there. 8yo’s resolution is to work on his schoolwork. He seems to be going really well in class, but asking for help and expanding his ideas and a few things like that need attention. Also, apparently not reading in class when he’s meant to be doing actual schoolwork or listening to the teacher. However, super proud moment when that came up in the parent/teacher conference!
So another year of intangibles for our family. Cheers to that.


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