That Perfect Day

I have been pining after one of those days when everything just works. One of those days when I have more energy than the kids, as much patience as they do cheeky plans, and perfect timing to boot. Today is not one of those days.
Nearly 3yo usually takes a dump every morning just about 8 o’clock (that will play havoc when school starts next month!), so instead of accommodating him in diapers this morning, I thought to take him to the bathroom and see it through. One hour later, I have run out of poo lyrics and patience as well, so I scramble in the shower then we all scramble to leave the house.
The car won’t start. It seems to be the battery. Husband rushes back from morning meeting to take the big boys to the last swimming lesson, cue tears from nearly 3yo. The roadside assistance guy can’t charge the battery because every-dang-thing in my car is electric and drains the battery even before the engine starts. Husband rushes back home and swaps 3 carseats into alternate vehicle so I can finally drive away to somewhere, then he does more whatevers before a different roadside truck comes back with a bigger jumper cable or something, then husband drives around or leaves the car idling while he does yardwork or SOMETHING. Anyhoo the car better f**king work properly because anytime something goes wrong, it happens when Husband is out of f**king town, and you know that is in a few days.
Driving away to somewhere is difficult for me if I don’t have navigation, and I’m not one for phone nav. The alternate vehicle has no sat-nav, so I have hastily scribbled down some notes on a torn piece of brown paper grocery bag – in lead pencil, what was I thinking?! Peering at brown paper at highway speeds is reckless! Ever the ambassador of ‘getting shit done’ we make it to the craig’s list guy’s house and spy the two beauties we have come for. He invites the boys to use the swings, me to ravage his fig tree and throws a third bike in for free. He walks us around his property, shed/shop and man cave and we make it back to the car unmurdered – it is a miracle and all is right with the world again.
Perhaps tomorrow will be that perfect day, or better yet, Sunday, when the aviation museum has hot air balloons launching at dawn. Actually, that sounds like a lot of work. I think Tuesday might be the perfect day, when all the boys are in summer camp (sounds like reason enough) and I have grown up appointments and errands to take care of. Or I could have a nap – that sounds perfect. Micayla Lally


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