Just (delicious) Desserts

I have found a lady who does wonderdul clothing alterations, she would have been a ‘dressmaker’ in the olden days. Today she is mostly a complainer who does alterations on the side, but her work is very dependable. I have been rewarded for trusting her with some cocktail dresses, a more casual affair and now some dresses I have not worn in 6 years. Such a long time not to have worn such lovely (and expensive) dresses! Another reason I like her is that she is straight to the point, and also, she told me I’ve lost weight. I have a different haircut now and was wearing more fitted clothes, which is what she could see, I think, but I’ll take it. Actually, I’m pretty sure I have put on weight since I saw her last, but let’s not get into that.
My name is Micayla, and I’m a carb- and sugar-aholic. I love me some extra calories. I have been very good, actually, not buying those amazingly delicious twix/mars/muskateer bars for ages – they are full of the “chemicals” I have told the boys we must avoid, but I have made my own pure chocolate decadent whatevers, and also bought the pure versions from the natural food stores. I cannot resist having treats when the boys do, and sometimes when they don’t. Nearly 3yo is allergic to wheat/gluten, so it is impossible to share the mint slices, tim tams or caramel crowns because youngest can’t eat them so the big boys shouldn’t either, therefore… You get the picture.
Changing poor habits isn’t always easy, even when there is a wedding on the horizon in exotic locales. Strengthening the ill-used willpower muscle is hard to do one does not make time to practise, “we, neither of us, perform to strangers”.

Micayla Lally


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