All roads lead to home

Day 7
I was worried about the walk of shame from il camper in the morning, but we woke up at about 8 and no one else seemed to be around. We would not try going to breakfast locally after last night – even if there were somewhere and they were aperto. Heading to King Drive (burger king, gross but seemingly our only option), not aperto either, sheesh. Heading to campeggio area for freshening, packing and boys running, sans cattivo attitude from la genta towards il camper. We spread out the blanket and feasted on scrambled uovo with la cipolla, cornies and fresh air. Il figlio also ran out some of their wiggles. Simpatico marito became spooked by passing polizia since we didn’t pay for the parking (we were only there for an hour!), so we decamp and just head sud su autostrada. Spontaneous high fives for spotting sign to empty il camper bagno before Rome.
Il figlio were lucky enough to receive soldi from Nonna before we left, plus some extra for nearly 5yo, whose compleanno is in due giorno, so we found a grande la bottega on the way to the aeroporti. After pagare all the lego we could afford, we rearranged il camper and have safely arrived back at ‘il-ton to a particular signor for handover of il camper, finding nonsense items to gauge simpatico marito. Marito is tired and in need of a shower, plus molto sonno from driving, so good luck signor! Marito will eat you for breakfast. Showers and naps are imminent, then onto the Colosseum. Colosseum – just wow!
Dinner at cafe in Roma run by Bangladeshi gentlemen. Middle child is usually the frenetic one at dinner, but tonight he gobbled his dinner and un gelato. His il fratella were less helpful. Nearly 3yo was allowed to mangio his cup of gelato while in the backpack carrier, while simpatico marito walked around; needless to say, all and sundry needed a thorough wipe-down before we got onboard. No one slept on the autobus back to ‘il-ton, but that just made for an easier bed time.
Later, having packed everything better than I did before we left home, we are ready for the morning, and – dare I suggest it – a sleep in?! Day 8
We are at the airport on time! We are through security!
Nearly 3yo numero due in il bagno – twice! Perfetto!
Had a nap, but still 4 hrs to go, boo.
Landed on time in Washington but all those lines has reduced our layover to toilet time and run to the gate, yikes! And then there was a problem with the radio and we were delayed for 45 minutes. I might as well call him 5yo and brother 6.5yo got to meet the pilot, whereupon Husband commented that “it must mean we will be awhile” before being airborne. 5yo was called by name over the loud speaker since he made friends with a flight attendant before boarding. It would be great if making friends was as easy for me as talking loudly near other people. And a side note to the lady next to me, phuck off, he is not yet 3 and he is really not that bad.
We have ‘deplaned’, and Husband has alarmed me with the notion that we will not make it home tonight. So we are back in the airport.
A lady came over to us and commented about our lovely and well-behaved children – after nearly 3yo had a tantrum! That’s not quite a fist pump, but I’ll take it. …And now we will leave on another plane in 2.5hours time, wah!
But the new plane has a broken audio system, and then only one side works, and what about the curfew at PDX? No first day of school tomorrow, that’s fo’ shizzle.
Now the pilot has brought her luggage back to the gate area, I assume we will not be flying on this plane tonight.
Not that plane but a different one. We will still be late leaving, but should arrive home at just the right time to let the chickens out. What a fucking day.


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