A Vitamin Update

A while back I wrote about trying B vitamins for 5yo, who can sometimes be a trying little fellow. Eventually the natural food store got the brand in store that I had read briefly about, and we have been pretty consistent with using them since. I can detect a difference, though it’s not always a big difference, in his crazy energy and subsequent behaviour. What I have found is that the crazy is somewhat stripped away to leave the raw and emotional nerves behind of a former 4yo, so he gets upset about things to the point of crying, like he did when he was a much younger 4. I can handle the tears better than a small tornado of crazy bullshit, but it still isn’t ideal. I am going to try 2 wafers in the morning and perhaps another in the afternoon, depending on the time. That is inline with the recommended dosage, but I will also try and cram him full of B rich foods in between. The rest of the time, I will continue to keep him – and the rest of us – busy with activities and food, and try to engage him more often as well. That seems more important recently, more engaging less, less entertaining. But I also don’t want to keep them/him too busy, we seem busy enough already and we don’t have a lot of extra curriculars yet. That is probably painfully obvious to some, but I am also entertaining nearly 3yo, and my poor middle child sometimes gets lost in the mix, and he also isn’t always sure where he belongs. Things would be so much easier if kids could just tell us what the hell is going on. Excuse me while I go and have a tantrum.


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