Sweet Dreams are Made of These

We were heading to a pumpkin patch this morning and somehow got to discussing the minutia of zombies. Husband is away drinking in MA so he could not poo-poo the scary questions. Since I just happened to sit through a zombie film last night, plus bits and pieces of two others, I was certainly up to the task.
Boys:What do zombies eat?
Me, the Voice of Reason:They eat brains.
MTVOR:I don’t know.
B:Why do they eat brains?
MTVOR:I don’t know but that’s what they eat. But remember, zombies aren’t real, they are just pretend, they are just scary halloween stories.
B: Are they dead?
MTVOR: Yes they are.
B: How do they move?
MTVOR: They come back alive. I don’t know how but they become reanimated somehow.
End conversation. By that point we had been in the car long enough for them to stop listening to me. How do they even know that word? 6.5yo is afraid of pretty much everything he sees on television, so why does he take such a perverse interest in obviously scary stuff when kids are talking at school? Because they aren’t me, obviously, and he isn’t thinking of falling asleep in the dark when he is sponging up that information. I couldn’t help thinking, though, about the cute neighbor on the movie who had eaten his fathers guts, rather than his brain. And also? All the zombies died when the sun came up. What’s up with that? Sounds like someone has their macabre villains mixed up. Not me, though, I know that mine were all in the back seat.


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