Halloween is for sluts

Well, that is the random comedian said on the excerpt of funny on the low brow radio station this morning. 5yo likes the dance music and I can’t bear hearing Eddie Vedder sound as old as he does when he sings the new song, so we listen to the dance station pretty often. I try not to have it on too much in the morning, because I know there is a bit of trash talk during the money hour, but even the tongue twisting in Love Cats will set the boys to talking. Anyhoo, I hadn’t had the channel changed before long when the funny guy comes on and says something along the lines of “halloween is for kids and sluts…”. I can see where he is going and im sure the punchline would have been pretty stupid but funny as hell. Of course 6.5yo pipes right up with “what is a slut?” I waste no time with my tried and true response of “I don’t know, it doesn’t sound like a real word to me”. But it didn’t stop there.
“I think it is another word for slug.”
“For what?”
“For SLUG.”
“Well, maybe it is, but I haven’t heard that before and if you used it in a sentence i think no one would know what you meant.” Crisis averted. For now.


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