Happy Halloween


Today there is no school (in other news WAAAAHHH!) for 6.5yo because there are parent teacher conferences w the students today and tomorrow. I am quite sure that the teachers are rejoicing about no sugar meltdowns in school tomorrow.
The “little boys” are in school today so Husband and I could take 6.5yo to his conference and not be (mortified) distracted by their behaviour. Nearly 3yo almost had conniptions about me leaving, but I knew that in no time at all, they would both be enjoying their halloween parties. I am sorry to have missed helping in their classes; I have helped for the last 2 or 3 years and it is so much fun.
Anyhoo, I woke up with big hair because I went to bed with damp hair, sure, I get it. But after 2 glasses of red in a jacuzzi tub, I was too tired to use a blow dryer. I think I slept pretty well; I can only assume that my
hair was drying in the shape of a cumulonimbus cloud and was so fluffy that it made my pillow softer and therefore more comfortable; I felt fine until I looked in the mirror. But I didn’t worry much about it because I sorted laundry upstairs and the boys put away their respective piles. My ulterior motive, though (there has to be ulterior motives if one is sorting laundry), was to find the black ninja shirt that I made for nearly 3yo so he could be Cole, the black-robed ninja and spinjitsu master. I easily spent 20 minutes looking for it: in the car, the lounge room, their bedroom, 3 different baskets of laundry, and various other places. To no avail! Where the hell is it? He was adamant that he wanted to be Cole, even though he more closely resembles Zane who also has blonde hair. Luckily, we have a fair assortment of costumes that have not been lost, so he could go to school dressed in the garb of a pit mechanic for Lightning Mcqueen. Damn it.
I thought that after the school run I would have time to do hairy damage control but I decided to go shopping. We didn’t get much but we did get some much needed toothbrushes for the boys, because boys are gross. Then we were going to go home and get Husband after unpacking, but it was already 30 minutes before the conference appointment, wah! There was no time!
Driving toward the school, I was mentally going through every pocket in my bag looking for bobby pins or something. In the carpark I did it for real and found only a plastic purple flower clip from when my Dad went to some tropical island 25 years ago. Even 6.5yo laughed at that. Some hand combing later and


it didn’t get much better. More frantic searching, then feelings of acceptance, depression and finally normality returning, the hair was somewhat tamed after yet more hand combing. I managed to reduce the volume of hair somewhat, at least so I no longer looked like I stuck my hand in a power socket.
Hair aside, I would like to have worn more respectable clothes than a canadian hockey zip up sweater.
This will stick in teacher’s mind as “that” mother, and further add to the list of excuses that I accrued from the start of the year: after being a week and a half late to the school year, we rang through another day late, we had no internet and he couldnt do homework and Husband was away so I didn’t want to drag all and sundry somewhere for wifi, ho hum.
Tonight should make up for all, a bunch of treats to balance these nasty tricks, and also, it will be ok for my hair to be unruly.


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