Clean Up-ril

I like the sound of that, not quite as totes amazeballs as #dinovember – what an awesome idea – but our kids would never know about it because our house is too messy, much to Husband’s chagrin.
It’s easy enough, or sometimes hard enough, to get boys to put away the trains, the blocks and make piles of books (because putting them back on the bothering shelves is so bothering hard), but it seems impossible to put away the token leftovers, the random lever and mouse from the board game, the unmatched puzzle pieces, a hotwheels car or two plus the other 27 small metal or plastic pieces of flotsam and jetsom floating on the carpet of the playroom. So I usually stop asking them to put shit away after the book piling and the incessant whinging about it.  It’s easier at that point to give them dinner to keep their mouths busy. Perhaps we could use the people toys that we have, the dolls or the figurines. Dinosaurs would inevitably go unnoticed, but a Mr Incredible huddled around a broken glass probably wouldn’t. A ninja turtle swinging his ninja stick (I’m sure that thing has a proper name) over some squashed grapes (which, incidentally, the boys begged for and now won’t give the time of day to), may be cause for exclamation.
But I digress. During Clean up-ril, said toys could clean up areas of the house that have seen some wear and tear, like the wine or the hot chocolate stains on the carpet, the tiles and window sills with crayon, the walls behind the chairs at the breakfast table, the benchtop where the coffee grinder sits, the stove top,  the top of every cupboard door (and the light switches and door handles)…I could go on all night. Actually I couldn’t because Husband has started snoring and I’m having trouble concentrating. Anyhoo, one gets the idea of all the shit that toys that magically come to life could wave their magic plastic forearms over and make clean again, or perhaps just kill 99.9% of the germs like Lysol does, or any of the other spraying-shit-in-my-house branded spray cans…
…trying to type…snoring sapping my will to remain conscious. ..


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