Chocolate, you’re my hero

6.5yo is doing much better with his reading because of the chocolates. Seriously, is there anything chocolate can’t do?

At the moment, he is reading “There is a Hippopotamus on our roof, eating cake” with Husband, and he just got to the part where “Mummy is on a diet”, and Husband laughs a little. Of course, the word diet is a naughty word in our house because we try to eat real food and not too many treats, but on the other side of the coin, Mummy couldn’t diet to save her life, unless you count a seafood diet, ho ho ho.
Another book that I love, and one that will be on the reading list over the next week or so (and especially at Christmas because I had an awesome idea that I can’t share until after we open presents), is “Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”.

Love that book. My favourite part is when they all get to Dad’s office.

This is definately us on those days.
But I digress. Chocolate has worked wonders for 6.5yo’s reading confidence, and if he has a desire to snack when he reads, I’m okay with that. Mmmm, snacks.


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