Something for Posterity.

When we went back to Australia, we visited some friends and 5yo’s godparents. The Godfather is as funny as Husband and as straight forward when dealing with the kids, so when he suggested a trick, everyone was all for it. He did the thumb trick. It was executed perfectly, and then 5yo shit himself. Not literally, but it was a near miss, I’m sure, his face grew long and his mouth was a perfect oval of terror. After calming him down and sending him on his way, we laughed ourselves silly and commeriserated over the poor little poppet, he really was terrified. And that is what makes it all the more hilarious because 5yo is a fearless little upstart sometimes, in any or all regards.
So later, Husband and Godfather talk about pulling their heads off, and 5yo was scared silly, he might have been crying, I can’t remember, but he was screaming no no no! I don’t know if he was scared of them dying, or of seeing bloody neck stumps or terrified of ventriloquist heads floating in the air, or all of the above. Husband still covered his head with his jumper and ran around a bit, smart ass, but I think 5yo had run away by that point.
The other day, Husband suggested the thumb trick and 5yo was just as petrified, protesting vehemently, and husband and I laughed to ourselves after he went off to annoy his brothers.
Something to try at his 21st birthday.


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