It’s a Snow Day!

I have been waiting for snow for a few days, waking up and peeking through the blinds, driving to the gym before the butt crack of dawn when its 15F, and finally! Today there is snow.
After taking 6.5yo to school (oh! the heartache, I forgot my wallet so we couldn’t go crazy at the book fair before class) I took 5 and nearly 3yo to the daycare at the gym and did a class. I watched the flurries through the window while I wiped sweaty hair off my face and assumed those nearby were politely ignoring me.

The boys all had a short play in the snow before school drop-off, and wanted to play again in the carpark

but I eventually convinced them to come home first. I spun out a little turning off the main road, and that shit is scary! Thankfully it was nothing major and there were no other cars around. Husband was almost having conniptions at the idea of us driving home in the snow, but it really wasn’t that bad.
I managed to get the boys into snow gear before Husband had to pick up 6.5yo from school early due to the snow, but he wasn’t super helpful with socks and gloves and clips and zips. Big man hands are better suited to filling up jerry cans and the like, especially on below freezing days.
I pulled out the gear that the boys’ old teacher gave me, and voila!

Totes a snow bunny, especially with those puffed sleeves!

Of course, after we were all rugged up and out in the snow, someone looked like they were powdering their nose in their ski pants, so we had to come back inside for a toilet break and a snack, and then get it all back on again. At least that time, I got to have a turn sledding down the driveway. There were 3 sleds but someone had to cry about not having the right one, and then I thought of Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd’s boogies were frozen on his face. Then we started on a snowman, but people became fixated on snow-covered slippery boulders, where snakes are no doubt hibernating. I didn’t like the idea of driving a blood-covered boy or boys through the snow, and in those situations I rarely think of calling for help.
Husband eventually came home and all of them played outside. It was super peaceful. Then nearly 3yo threw away his gloves and came inside with angry hands. That was scarier than sliding on the snow! Hot showers, cuddles and Husband’s terry robe cure all, and he took a long nap while the big boys watched – you guessed it – Ice Age. I tried to be productive, but I can’t not sit right by the fire when it’s on, and the ipad was *right there*, so I had to almost fall asleep in front of it, except during the poignant scenes, of course. Poor mammoth.
And now, after polishing off the muffins, we will eat ham off the bone and drink cocktails after the boys are upstairs. It is a poor substitute for rollerskating while the boys are at a school babysitting night, but the cocktails will be much more sensibly priced, and I can easily handle being eye-balled by my fellow slush monkey, rather than breaking an ankle or worse.


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