I’m Procrastinating Again

There are plenty of things I should be doing, as per usual, and one in particular is heading toward some level of urgency, but I’m procrastinating again. I have a sewing project that really could have been finished by now but, of course, the kitchen and laundry are ceaseless task masters. It is a hand sewing project, and in the spirit of procrastinating, sewing always reminds me of my mother and grandmother.
Pushing the needle through one side and back again quiets my mind, and reminds me of Mum biting off the thread with her teeth. When Oma sewed, she would pin things and use her machine.
When I sew, I am reminded of both of them, and I can feel their fingers pressing aginst me with the pins and the fabric. I am reminded of what Mum would say to me when I am likewise pinning things, and the boys squirm unnecessarily and unhelpfully when I’m trying to measure things on them.


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