Not Nearly Anymore

As of yesterday, he is just 3 now, not nearly anymore. He was going to have 2 parties on the weekend, but life gets in the way, as it is wont to do.
On Saturday morning, he was trying to climb poorly (thought out) stacked stools, and fell and cut his chin. Husband was ready to take him in for stitches, but was happy enough in the end with some properly places bandaids. Post nap, though, 3yo was sick, and sick again just before the party.

I think it was too much water in his belly, but we postponed the little party, just to be sure.

Needless to say, he was disappointed. We both were, actually, because I didn’t think he was seriously ill and he saw all the decorations I had strung around, and I had also left the cake on the bench.

We managed to catch his friends by text message before they left, or perhaps not and they were too polite to say so. We watched him the next little while but he was as chipper as ever with no signs of anything more. He had a great time when his big friends came over, and the cake did not go to waste, nor see much daylight after the candles were blown out.
Cut to Tuesday when the little friends birthday was rescheduled to, and one of his friends had an appointment and another friends’ father was sick, but 3yo made up for it with jumping and squealing, so it was just as noisy with one friend as it would have been with more.

Add infinitum cupcakes, games, balloons, tissue paper and toys on the floor.

Of course he was asleep after 3 minutes in the car for the school run.


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