Our Own Winter Olympics

Far be it for me to question the schedule of the winter olympics, or the summer version, but I am at a loss as to why there are events going on before the opening ceremony. On this same note, watching delayed telecasts is awful. There should be a channel that is live whenever those elite athletes are eating their hearts out in their chosen field. Waiting until 2pm blows.

Meanwhile, down home we have been having our own version of the winter olympics, as I’m sure most parents do in snowy climates, but this is my first (inaugural? ) time.

My events have included the gymnastics of wrangling monkeys into their respective snow clothes, and cross country trekking from the fridge to the pantry (and the back door) to find more snacks for the other competitors.

The boys have competed in such events as cross country whinging, skating on thin ice, lego shot put, and downhill luge.

And instant replays.


Both Husband and I eventually took part in russian drinking games, but had the luxury of showers and fully enclosed toilets. No #sochifail here.


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