Putting the Pep back in our Prep


I saw this article today, and Husband demanded I forward it to him. We’ve been talking about earthquakes a bit lately, because the big one is overdue, donchaknow. Seriously, it’s overdue. If something does happen, it will be when he is away, though, so I’ve got to make sure that I am prepared as much as he is.
We haven’t stocked up on food for a while, so we wanted to buy one of those buckets that feed a family of 4 for a month during a zombie apocalypse, or something, at costco today, but they were sold out! We have thought about buying weapons, but we argue about that a lot, so we haven’t made any purchases. Friends of ours were very close to the fires in California a little while back and the possibility of looting and etc was too real. I’m naively assuming that is not a possibility for us, providing I stop blogging about it, so, yeah.
Anyhoo, we need more food and water, so will get onto costco online soon for the food caches and order those big bottles of water that are supposed to be for awkward hangouts in offices as well, because the thin plastic bottles in fred meyer, etc, get holes in them when you look at them.
We do have a cool hand pump that I got at home depot that the kids messed around with (and then I might have driven over becauae it was lefr on the bloody driveway), but it should still work with half the length of hose. We envision using it to pump water from the rain barrels so we can flush the toilets. On the drive across town today, I also thought we should get some terracotta pots that we could use to pump some water into for drinking, because one of the crazy preppers from tv said you can use them to filter water. He also knows how to make his own antibiotics, but I’m not ready for that just yet.
The thing is, though, that most prepping foods have wheat crap in them, so they won’t be good for nearly 4yo. Even during a few weeks or months of the national guard presence, I still want to have non-wheat foods (or faux foods, it won’t pay to be picky when all the stores have been looted, plus I need longevity in this stuff) for him/us.
Somewhere, I heard, read or saw that in just 3 days of no power, disrupted transport and/or widespread emergency situations, all stores selling food and drink will be empty. We aren’t near any stores, so we won’t have the luxury of 3 days of looting.
But where to put this stuff? If there is an earthquake, will the house fall over? We are on a hill. Will there be a landslide? A sink hole? I’ve put a container of food in our spare room, and there is a stash in our bathroom, but I think I need to put stuff in the outbuildings, too. I can’t put all my eggs in one house.
In the event of “holy fuck! We need to get out of here!” I have red backpacks filled with a day or two of stuff, plus medical supplies, those tinfoil blankets and a bunch of whathaveyou, but now I think we need duplicates for outside, in case the house is in a shambles. Because in the holy fuck event, we might not be able to get the backpacks.
I highly recommend emergency backpacks. They are a little bit of peace of mind in this whole preppers shenanigan paradise. I’m also contemplating life straws, for the same reason.
Let me know if I’m missing something from your emergency supplies list!


One thought on “Putting the Pep back in our Prep

  1. Trenie says:

    Just thinking about it is scaring me but that doesn’t mean you should throw up your hands.. Good for you. Keep in mind there will be many that will want to “borrow” so let everyone know you have “just enough” for the family and that’s all. xo Tell the boys Hi from Trenie

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