It’s his Birthday

Nearly 4yo will be 4 on Tuesday, and his birthday party is tomorrow. Almost strictly little people might be an opportunity to tone down my expectations and decorations, especially in the kitchen. I have pinned a bunch of stuff and tried my hand at the rice krispie treats this morning, but I forgot that working with rice krispies and melted marshmallow blows. So no krispie dog bones, or cute dog bowls with widdle treats inside, wah. Nearly 4yo is having a Paw Patrol party. Luckily we have plastic construction and fireman hats, plus a few extras. I’m expecting Chase (the police dog) and Super Spy Chase to be the faves.
— time out for accidents, the actual birthday party, shopping afterwards then being glued to the box for coverage of the seige in Sydney —

The party was fun, though the kids didn’t keep any of the hats on long enough for photos! This was taken afterwards.
The backyard was too soft and squishy for an obstacle course, which was my original thought, so the kids had to make a nest for a family of birds thag had lost theirs, before the baby bird got too cold. I had that great idea while I was fuming in the spare room over the farking lego spread ev-ree-where, and toys hell to breakfast.
I made the certificates because I thought they would be a fun take home novelty, without buying plastic crappy novelties for the treat bags.


Doggy bags!

There were also cute little paw patrol badges that I made up.

What a great day!


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