Happy Holidays

We have had a lovely holiday week. We have had possibly less boy fights, or maybe I’ve  just forgotten them because it was days ago, and I’ve sort of had almost copious amounts of wine.
We post most of our presents, and that means I need to allow extra time so that they arrive on time overseas. I try to be organised and this year I was! I organised the gifts and posted 75% of them in the first week of the month! Personal high. To balance that, I  needed until 2 days before the big day to organise most of what I wanted to give Husband. Go figure.
The boys were very happy with their loot, and were thankful and not grabby or envious of their bro’s toys. Another personal high.
Christmas and Boxing Days, I stayed in pajamas until midday, and stayed up until midnight watching movies with red wine and Husband.
We went for a bushwalk in the back of our backyard, twice, and Husband is not adverse to me embellishing the path, on top of all of my other lofty projects. What a sweet heart!
School holiday programs, a clean house for photo opps, kid-made tree ornaments and santa photos were lovely this year, and to top it off, I took a great photo of myself while 4yo slept in Husband’s arms during his big bro’s school performance.


Check out that sweet jaw line!

There is nothing more I can wish for everyone than happy kids, relaxing days and flattering selfies.


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