I Heart Batman

We have been watching a few movies recently, the last of which were the Dark Knight Trilogy movies. Christian Bale is not on my list of movie star boyfriends, but his Batman is. I won’t go on about the lisp or the raspy voice or the whatever whatevers, but Batman is dark and dangerous and pretty dang all right. I’m  not convinced about Ben Affleck being in the next Batman film, but Husband told me it’s actually a Superman film, and that is almost a separate genre.
Have you seen any of the Batdad videos? Please do, they are super funny, and I have tried out the voice a few times in public, it’s funny as hell. But now I’m out of practice and my voice gets all raspy. I’ve tried a few short vids on my facebook page, they are ok. Husband did a Baine voice in one of them, squeaky, scary, funny. Can’t go wrong.
But what is it about Batman? He cannot fly. He’s got gadgets, sure, but the fact that he is human is part of his deal, I think. Not all super heroes are, I  believe, though I’m no expert. I don’t  really know any others except for Superman and Wonder Woman, and the other two or three from the Lego Batman movie, but I don’t know their names.
Anyhoo, Batman rocks, and he is human, and he has cool shit.

I am sometimes like Batman because…

Well, actually I am sometimes like Alfred because I pick up all sorts of shit (dirty laundry, anyone?).

I sometimes drive fast in my car, though it’s not black and lacks a certain conspicuous, how do you say, armour.

I don’t actually have a Batman mask, but I wish I did.

Sometimes I yell in a scary mom voice.

Sometimes I wear clothes that might be too tight for me.

I am contemplating putting in secret doors in my house.

I have been in the social pages a few times, though never on the front page, and never with scantily clad women.

My alter ego comes out when there are hooligans about.

I sometimes throw things at my people, though they aren’t small, sharp bat-shaped things.

I am looking forward to a long holiday when Gotham no longer needs me.



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