He Said, She Said

So who had a better time last night? Husband was at a beer convention, which sounds like it ought be the winner without even tying, since I was at home with 3 energetic boys. 6yo has soccer practice tuesdays and thursdays and he is usually amped up afterwards, rather than all used up, as I would have expected. Anyhoo, here are my conclusions…
Husband got to leave early, while I went and picked up the big boys from school.
Points: Husband, 1.
Husband drove his sports car, but it was still an hour, and in probably a bit of traffic, but he still had no one else in the car with him. I drove 10 minutes to and from school.
Points: Husband, 1.
Husband checked into his lodging and goofed off doing whatever he wanted before this beer thing started. He said he could have brought his bike to ride around through (busy narrow streets) town beforehand. I stayed for soccer practice in between. It was nice and sunny, but I was still hanging out mostly with my own kids.
Points: Husband, 1. Me, 1.
8yo received a birthday present in the mail yesterday, including (thankfully small) aussie chocolates – we all know how that would have ended – and after calling to “check in”, I ate one for me and then I ate the one that I had been trying to save for Husband.
Points: Me, 2.
Husband walked around drinking his beverage of choice, sans children or annoyances of any kind. I peaked too son and ran out of ideas after feeding the boys an early dinner.
Points: Husband, 1.
Husband probably got very drunk; I know (he said) he got in around midnight, but there was no word on an actual bedtime. I made myself a cocktail from leftovers while the kids watched Paw Patrol, and I even managed to get the kids to put their clean clothes away.
Points: Husband, 1. Me, 2.
I watched 8 episodes of Outlander back to back, while eating cookies and drinking tea.
Points: Me, 10.
Husband and I apparently slept for the same amount of hours, i.e. not many. He then drove to meet friends before driving home. I made 1.5 school lunches before taking the big boys to school early, and then having fabulous crepes for brunch, before coming home and sleeping for 3 hours
Points: Me, 3.
Total Points: Husband, 5. Me, 18.

So there you have it. Husband had a mediocre time at a beer convention, while I had the last laugh, and…


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