I am super organised this morning and have time to spare after taking 4yo to school. It’s Late Start Wednesday, so there is much time to be whiled before taking the big boys to school.
We are in the spare room, AKA The Lego Room. Say that again with dread and forboding.


Downstairs is clean and tidy, so I am giving it a well-deserved break, but I forgot that the couch which is usually at the back of the room – and consequently covered in lego – is outside. I keep hurting my elbows on tiny pieces of purgatory.
A friend sent me an article about a mother who built Hogwarts out of lego to regain her zen. I must confess that I didn’t read the entire article because in my mind I was already losing my shit.
I also saw an article about a mother who made the biggest thing ever out of lego that was literally lying around. I thought about that this morning, as I sat down at an under-sized table smeared with sharps, and I even tried it for a minute.


But as I cast my eye around for pieces to put together, I could feel my eyes becoming bloodshot.


I stopped caring about some stupid pseudo masterpiece and got up off the floor, retreating to a safer distance from this brightly coloured hell. Immediately my blood pressure regained an ounce of equilibrium, and I will be better able to drive to school in a few minutes, without driving off the road in a rage.
I might start my childless day with wine when I come back.


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