Saturday morning and it’s the usual story, except that I am using my stuffy nose as an excuse not to go to the gym. Boys kept themselves occupied well enough (whaaaaat?) til Husband made breakfast, and then we commenced sitting around with our feet up, drinking tea. Now Husband has gone back for a nap, and the big boys are off on “an adventure”. This usually involves 6yo packing a handbag with snacks that will get crushed but not eaten, and coming home crying. But it’s sunny outside, and my tea cup is full, so I’m going for thhe glass-half-full scenario, whereby my cup runneth over with “kids playing well together and no broken bones before soccer games” mentality.
Here is what happened first:
Good: 8yo fed the chickens vegetable scraps like I asked him.
Bad: He kicked the chicken fence a few times which startled the birds and pissed me off.
Meh: 8 and 6yos argued about which route their adventure should take.


Starting out.

Here is what might be going on:
Good: Companionable talk; helping each other on sloping trails; sharing snacks; trailblazing; encouraging each other; investigative endeavours.
Bad: They came back after they finished the snacks, 5 minutes later. Now they are arguing with 4yo about the train tracks he’s been building for 25 minutes.
Meh: Wine?


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