All Over Red Rover

School is all but finished save for the thank you cards and end of year class parties, hence my drink.


I’m  a bit of a planner, so I have loosely organised a bunch of stuff for us to do, with one or two actual summer camps thrown in there, but mostly it’s home-school-esque summer camps. Last year they were themed weeks that shaped our afternoons after the kids hung out in the daycare room while I got in a cheeky workout before they started crying for lunch. I’m  assuming this year will be much the same.
Anyhoo, I’ve roughed out our weeks and included in there is, of course, outdoor stuff and tent camping. Mostly it will be in the backyard because I like the hard stuff easy, especially when it comes to fresh clothes after whatever activities or accidents. And while outdoor stuff will prevail, indoor stuff has its place, too, especially on long hot summer days, when all they end up doing is smashing each other’s  lego and crying to me about it. As ya do. So I have put a list together of the movies I would like to have the kids watch, rather than just all the new fangled computer animated stuff that I never had when I was a youngen.
I started introducing them to the awful, boring, non-animated movies in December of 2013, when I forced them to watch a real movie with actual people (8yo’s least favourite movie plot) about one of Santa’s reindeer becoming lost and taken in by a young girl. Turns out that the boys enjoyed it. Who knew? So I’ve  been stuffing Tim Allen down their throats ever since, and I’m  not looking back now.

* Swiss Family Robinson
* Bugsy Malone
* Harriet The Spy
* Racing Stripes
* Sandlot Kids
* The Secret Garden
* Little Rascals
* White Fang
* Milo and Otis
* Beethoven
* Narnia
* Clash of The Titans

Ok, maybe not the last one. There are some freaky plasticine monsters in that show, but I always loved it, so we’ll see.
These movies are in no particular order and don’t include Honey I Shrunk The Kids or Flight Of The Navigator because I downloaded them a few days ago for consumption this week. Rick Moranis was a hit, obviously. Flight Of The Navigator will probably be on Saturday night.
I actually found a downloadable list of 300 family friendly movies which furnished me with the above choices. My list is a list for anytime, but some of them will correspond with our chosen “theme”. Specifically, The secret Garden will be perfect for our “gardening summer camp”; Swiss Family Robinson for “survival camp”; Sandlot and Little Rascals for our week of exercise and calming the eff down from our overseas trip; and at least the first Narnia movie for when the kids do their obstacle course. So. Ya get the idea.
Any cute movies that I’ve missed? I’m looking forward to watching or falling asleep in front of a bunch of these films, since I haven’t seen them in ages.
I heart Scott Baio!


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