I Heart Vintage Luggage

But I don’t want to look like vintage luggage when I am 40 because I don’t wear sunscreen all the time. I tend to wear skirts and shirts, and so my arms get quite a bit of sun. Add in driving the kids everywhere plus a day or two of gardening here and there, and I am might fast be approaching a lady version of George Hamilton. What to do?!

Enter the bolero. What I was thinking was sleeves, of course, sans everything else. Google found some cute things that could not be purchased anywhere for love nor money, but then I remembered – I can make my own shit. And so I did.


smug cow

I pulled out a pattern or two and used the Sleeve pieces, plus half of the top of a Back piece. Trial and error of the sleeve sizes, plus draping and pinning the excess, resulted in this uber trendy number, complete with unfinished seams.


One thought on “I Heart Vintage Luggage

  1. Trenie says:

    You are full of surprises !!! Life is more fun that way…Staying on the long and narrow road of life would suck in my world… Tell the boys that Trenie says HI!!!

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