Mrs Sassy Pants

I’m a groover and a shaker in my own way, my own drum and all that. So the clothes that I find in shops aren’t always whst I like amd if tjey are, they don’t always fit because I’m a woman, if you can but dig it, not a mannequin.


Stupid example of how to make clothes fit

So I am always super duper happy when I find jeans or other pants that fit, and unhappy to the other extreme when they wear out. Of course, they only wear out in one spot because that’s where all the action is. Inside leg seams. Ho hum. It’s tough being sexy.
Talking to a friend about what a right-off the jeans end up being, and thinking later about all the fabric I have hoarded thoughtfully kept for future projects, led me to google some ideas and I found something pretty interesting…


Holy shit!

That’s right, patchwork jeans are a thing. Guess who just saved themselves $900?? Bet your sweet (and shapely) ass I did.



I sewed the first of the inside leg seams so that I could fold it back over and cover the worn fabric, then I got a little creative with the rest. And voila! I’m laughing all the way to the bank. ❤


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