Mission Log

Star Date: It’s dark so it must be early.

This morning seemed to be on track; there was minimal fighting, 8yo chose to work on his project before I even came out to supervise breakfast endeavours. Sure, 4.5yo (who, incidentally, turns 5 in 6weeks) refused to get out of his pajamas, but really, there are worse things that can derail a good day. We listened to classical music on the drive to school, there was no traffic. Insert contented sigh.

Cut to later: 7 & and 4.5yos had started a fight club in the little class library, that soft-carpeted area of tranquility in an otherwise unruly class of energetic monkeys. The other kids were cheering. Everyone loves a spectacle.

Yes, I am raising gladiators, and no, not like in Scandal, even though FITZ RULZ!! LOVE HIM! My two youngest have radical gladiator names so they are building to big things in their future, but not today.

And then, back at home, and this is the dagger in my heart, 4.5yo confirms that he, in fact, doesn’t like chocolate. Or caramel.

Seriously. Who doesn’t like chocolate, and is he really my child?

And I’m meant to be, you know, eating a balanced diet, so…

regret nothing

Yeah. End transmission.


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