The Princely Sum of Five

He just turned five. My sweet little baby is now not always so sweet but he still gives me big smackeroo puckered up kisses and submits to hugs and tickling. He changed his mind a few times but I eventually nailed him down on his birthday party theme and pulled it all off without too many changes of heart.


I outsourced the decorations

Rescue Bots have been his thing for a while, sons of Transformers or something. Anyhoo, I printed out some biggish ones and then some smaller ones for a craft, and then a mask to colour for “bot vision” to find the bots kidnapped by Dr Morocco, who, it turns out, is an evil genius who used to hang out with Jules Vern, of all people. This was lost on the boys – they haven’t read any of his books and they’ve only seen the first Back To The Future.



I made my own “disaster machine” with banana cake, icing and rice chex. The best way to destroy something is to eat it! Disasters averted.
All in all, he had a great day with his friends.


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