Degrees of Separation

So Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon gives every actor a bacon number or baconator or a number of bacon with regards to how close they are to Kevin Bacon. I thought it was a thing for anyone, but apparently it’s only for those in the know in Hollywood. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure it applies to all and sundry and not exclusively with regards to Kevin Bacon.
Facebook is something that perpetuates the same idea, and on that note there must be someone in my circle or in someone else’s circle who knows someone in my circle that knows the guy in my town that looks like Kylo Ren, not the actor who plays him but looks like Kylo Ren the character. I’ve seen him once at a local restaurant and at the park on the river and then on my birthday – yah! Happiest of birthdays – walking towards that same park. If I wasn’t such a goofball I would have said ‘hi’ to him then, but taking the initiative is apparently not my style. Anyhoo, soneone in my circle must know someone in his, if not the man himself, and can organise a goofy introduction sometime. He looks like a cool guy to hang out with on occasion. Any matve we could organise a while cast of pseudo look alikes and go and watch the next Star Wars movie together.


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