Make Time to Write

I had high hopes of writing in NaNoWriMo this year, and I did get down 30k words or thereabouts, but I didn’t get close to churning out prose like I did last year or even earlier this year. And it made me glum. Of course, there was other stuff in the mix that slowed my churn, like the fucking election, and Thanksgiving was at our house and probably a bunch of stuff that other people deal with every day and still manage to write.

Kids for the last ten years has also been an excuse of mine. And now I have a day job, so I have less time to cram in the things that need doing, let alone the things that want doing, but I have been good at sneaking time. I’d still like more time but I’ve been taking what I can get. Of course, even when I have time, there’s  stuff to do like laundry and lunches and  a thousand other things.

But the bottom line is I have a story to tell and you do, too. Make time to write.



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