I Always Win

​Well, I have lived to fight another day – Husband is not only still talking to me, but smiling and dare I say boasting, at how easy the tree was to install this year. He’s even said I can go shopping tomorrow! 

There was a rainstorm this afternoon, but the morning was crisp and clear. There was a bit of mud around the place due to recent weather,  and when we got to the tree farm, one of the dads from school said “its an absolute shit show”. Of course, I thought that sounded perfect.

Walking to the pointy end of the hill, Husband admitted he was getting a bit anxious because of my past tree preferences. He was right to be, because there weren’t that many tall trees left and the ones that were there, were fucking huge.

The tree we chose is somewhat denuded, so it won’t be as heavy.

We needed a 3rd man to hoist the mofo,  which got both of us a bit anxious as we didn’t take the truck, so the tree needed to go on the roof of the car. Nearly 6yo said its “ginormous”.

At home, later, post-rainstorm when Husband had had a chance to think through his options, he came in to fortify himself and then got right down to it. 

He was lulled into false sense of the ease of the task because we trussed the mofo up this time, and because Mariah was screaming in the background, which really helped set the tone. 

The trunk didn’t fit into the base, you know the exta large, heavy duty base that you have to hunt for at hardware stores. But the widdle axe took care of that, and then… voila!

No critters have come out of it, and I’m confident the sap will dry up and turn into delicious, brittle treats since we don’t water our xmas trees – they get lighter and will be easier to dispose of, right into the fireplace. We’re already  happy bunch of assholes, so, Merry Christmas!


One thought on “I Always Win

  1. Trenie says:

    Love your blog….keep up the good work….sent it to a few of my friends. Also, Merry Christmas to you and your family.. 🙂

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