THE Snow Weekend

Wednesday evening or Thursday morning (I can’t remember now, it seems so long ago) we got the call that there would be no school. I played with the idea of going to the gym but after wrangling 5yo into his snow clothes and watching him frolick, I decided to eat something sugary instead and just let them all be, rather than harassing them into the car. Thursday was the Snow Day. That evening we got another call about Friday. Friday turned out to be Snohmygod. Really? ‘Tis a tad dramatic but that was the phrase that was coined.
Saturday was just the weekend, but felt like another day in a long line of days without guidelines or deadlines. Saturday was Snowmageddon.
Sunday turned out to be the Snownami, as the snow started to melt everywhere, and parents everywhere breathed a collective hopeful breath that it would be melted enough for Monday to be a school day. But Monday was Wtf, Snow? Monday should have been a school day, but that lazy ass snow hung around like someone who can’t take a hint and just leave already. Monday was agonizing with the things that could finally be done as the roads were plowed or scraped or swept in most places, but still not enough to warrant going back to school. Monday also sucked a bit extra because we couldn’t find our shovel, and had to make do in order to move some frigging snow. Monday night might also suck a bit because I had a tall glass of water before bed and I can hear the snow melt drizzling down the roof and pipes, like a drunk husband in the bathroom, or like a real asshole pouring water from high when they know you really need to powder your nose. Way to go snow, way to go.


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